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The Companionship of Animal is an Exquisite Endeavor

Read on and Explore the Deep and Healing Animal-Human Bond

As I'm writing this the jackals are howling.

This page will introduce you to the animals that work with me, live with me, and inspire me.  The stress and trauma in Israeli life are reflected in the way we treat each other, and also very much in the way we treat and perceive animals.  Most people get their pets from the streets and the shelters, and sometimes sadly after the tragic death of the owner.  A look into the lives of pets here is a harrowing expose to the extent of unresolved trauma we live with and the resulting climate of survival and redirected aggression. With the use of dogs in the Holocaust in our shadows; the generations of dogs' meager existence for work in guarding the grounds; the brilliant British move to bring cats to reduce the mice that left us with a giant street cat problem; and the cultural and religious views of animals, we have a colorful mistreatment and misunderstanding of animals here.  I hope to bring light and solutions into this animal-human dynamic.

You can help by sponsoring an animal to help with the care and feeding and spaying and medical care.

Many of these animals adoptable and in need of a warm safe home and companionship. They are in red boxes.

IMG_1729 wire guy

All these cuties are from the streets, except Hollow. She is from the SPCA in the States and moved here with me.

I will write about the stunning adventures of the animals and our healing bonds with them in the blog

Somehow, I then fell in love with cats. For the first time in my life, I'm living in the endlessly fascinating world of cared-for outdoor cats. Seeing them in their natural element is a moment to moment lesson in living.They are mesmerizingly athletic and individually charming. Some have fallen into my heart and will stay with me.  Some are searching for a heart and home to fall into. Their stories are being written.

First Generation Cats

white cat.JPG


Zulu and Squeaker



White Cat

2nd Generation Cats





Wizu and Muncher


3rd Generation Cats



Z, Wink, and The Eloper

4th & 5th Generation Cats

IMG_1627 kuna amba.JPG




wisdos kitten eating.JPG

The Other Animals Around Us

For more information about sponsoring or adopting an animal, please email me.


If you are interested in donating, please read more on the Social Action Page or click here to go directly to GoFundMe.

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