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Online Therapy and Perspectives on Adapting

 Adapting is the seedling in Recreational Therapy

We can adapt all this creativity into the screen and connect in ways that are real, sincere, and helpful. 

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If the stress of this situation is getting to you in any way please reach out for online confidential therapy. 

It is possible to have supportive therapeutic connections using video sessions.  Modern technology can allow us to engage in helpful conversation and we can use creativity and animals to ease the stress and isolation of the current events. 

I'm offering free EFT sessions for anyone interested in a bit of tapping to bring down the stress and emotions during this time. Emotional Freedom Technique is an internationally recognized wonderful technique for calming the nervous system. It adapts well to doing it online so you can contact me from all over the world. I'm particularly interested in tapping for animals:) Their stress and fears are also masked in those behaviors that drive you crazy. If you're interested or even curious, be in touch. 

For Information on what is EFT, please visit EFT International at

Free EFT Sessions

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