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Survival Here in Israel is a Collective Endeavor

Making Aliyah is a Very Personal Step; A Life's Work in Healing Trauma and Taking Social Action Only Works with the Support of Many.

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It's something hard to understand until you feel the humbling and painful pangs of immigration or you open yourself to the real daily experiences of those of us on the ground. There is immigration and then there is Aliyah; the soulful journey into the land of our elders and sages; a land that has been the vessel for continuous passionate sacrifice and battle for thousands of years. Every single person living and building a life here needs a hearty bowl of ongoing support and many of us need financial support. It's just plain hard to live here. 

I'm one of many who have chosen to walk this ancient road, and nobody goes it alone. This place is linked to the entire world. And we need you to help us. I need to stand on the shoulders of the greats and with the hands of my contemporaries. It's been ten intense years of inquiry. Now it's time to integrate it all build the work I was brought here to do.

Please Consider offering financial support to my life's work. 

A well-supported life pays its treasures forward.  

It's a Healing Journey All the Way Around 


Read the Need

Contact me directly  or go to my fundraising campaign on Fundly

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The Hollow Place Business Plan

Goals and Objectives

  1. To ease the impact of trauma so pervasive in Israel by bringing awareness, education, and treatment to the many and all of us touched by trauma.

  2. To provide holistic, experiential, animal-assisted and adventure-based therapy to youth, families and young adults as a path to healing from trauma.

  3. To use Experiential Therapies to access strengths and increase Resilience and help restore the nervous system to healthy functioning.

  4. To provide an Expressive Arts medium as a dynamic and efficient way to process and record the personal stories of Aliyah and immigration.

  5. To offer Reorienteering, an orienteering activity that uses the best of neuroscience, animal wisdom, Recreational Therapy and trauma-informed treatment all with a body-oriented and actually fun framework. It’s an exploratory look into the process of orienting – while orienteering and it tones the skills related to the treatment of trauma.

  6. To offer Pet Loss and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy for dealing with grief after the loss of a pet and cultivating the treasures of the Animal-Human Bond for rebuilding trust and relationships.

  7. To identify and address critical learning and emotional barriers to language acquisition by providing diagnostic, technical, and emotional support for students of all levels and cultural/educational backgrounds who find learning language more than challenging.

  8. To engage the international community in a compassionate and passionate understanding of the breadth and extent of the trauma that impacts all who live here. 



To provide a place with an integrated, experiential trauma-informed approach to therapy for children, youth and families facing the challenges of adjustment, attention, attachment and trauma. The Hollow Path is a place where animals, art, nature, neuroscience, and therapy come together in the process of healing from life’s challenges.

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Animal Care Costs

Please lend your heart and your financial support.

Animal Care

I adopted 6 dogs and a number of cats from the streets.  Now they are doing their job and working with me in repairing the world. Please help to support their health and wellness. Then together within the human-animal bond, we can help heal each other's traumas and troubles. 

Adopt from a Distance or Just Help with the Costs

Meet the animals and adopt one, pay for their care and watch them work wonders. I'll keep you posted of their health, their wealth, their growth and their therapy adventures.


Everyday Animal Care

Dog Food

Cat Food

Kongs and Training Tools

Leashes and Collars 


Bones and Treats

Puppy Fences


Car Crates

Veterinary Care

Spaying and Neutering 


Vaccinations and Yearly Shots


Vet Visits


Flea and Tick Maintenance

Emergency Care

Business Expenses


Overhead Costs


Yard and Garden Maintenance

Marketing and Networking 

Administrative Costs

Expressive Art and Adventure Supplies


Purchase of a safe reliable car for animals and home-based care

Car Maintenance and Registration

Gas for continuing work and networking in the field

Scholarship for Lone Olim and Other Immigrants Who Want Therapeutic Support

There are many here to treat and even more to reach with awareness and education regarding the impact of trauma on life here.

Professional Development

Trainings and Conferences


Membership in Professional Organizations

Liability Insurance


My Latest Endeavor

Moreh Derech: Guiding the Way

I am now in the course for Moreh Derech:

The long and intense labor of love to be licensed as an Israeli Tour Guide.

Ask anyone you know and you'll hear the gasping support of the masses as to the challenging and demanding monstrosity of this course. Imagine the complexity and breadth and depth of this biblically archeologically, geographically, historically, culturally and topographically complex landscape. I want to be a link between the Israelis and the Jews, the locals and the international world, the neighbors and the brothers. My Social Action is to learn and learn and learn how the individual lives here as part of the collective, and how trauma permeates and distrust and sacrifice are thousands of years in progress here. Inter-generational trauma has taken centuries to manifest here. I want to engage the international community in a sincere conversation about what it's really like to live here and to generate support for those who do. I will do my part to help continue the movement of the rift in this valley of souls. 


I decided to embark on the 60-day tours and the year and half of intensive study to fulfill my Social Worker nature in learning about the person in their environment The environment here is quite complicated. And each individual deserves to be seen within it. 

Any support for building my practice and my business and contributing to my tuition and costs would be a very worthwhile investment. And worth a guided tour to places of your liking. 

The fruits of this investment with be Therapeutic Adventure Tours for exploring identity, healing trauma and returning to the earth with its animal wisdom and essential wonders. 

This is an 18-month journey of mourning and learning and healing. Follow me as I walk all the National Parks and Explore the Biblical Archeology, Zoology Geology, and Ecology of the many and diverse natural and human wonders of this little land. 

In Memory of my Dad whose old Jewish soul heals with mine and whose adventurous spirit lives through me.

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