Hi Everyone,

Please take a venture into my passionately created website. It reflects a major process of integration of my life’s work and experiences. Every bit of it was built by me with intensive learning and writing, and the guidance of a dedicated graphics angel friend. My hope is to reconnect with folks from all layers of my international life, bring my vision to life, fund it and share the work I love. This website is my walk the walk therapeutic endeavor to put my passions into form. Thehollowpath.com is my marketing, my business plan and the portal to my life’s work in the service of healing, adventure, identity, and the intergenerational trauma that challenges authentic living. And you just might find something familiar. Please read it, enjoy it, ponder it, and pass it on to anyone who may share interest or have ideas or connections. It’s meant to be an opening. The website is a work in progress, as are we all.  Please join me in thinking about how my work can be funded, supported and thriving.                

Best viewed on your computer with a cup of tea.

For any questions or curiosities,

please contact me by email or 052.486.6046. 

Susan Belitsky, MEd, MSW, CAGS

Haifa Area, Kiryat Tivon

Life is an Adventure. So is Therapy.

English Speaking Therapist for kids, adolescents, and adults who wish to try a therapy beyond words.

From Trauma to Adjustment